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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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german carmaker has been arrested in the diesel gate scandal according to a news agency that had of course informed workers that a manager was taken into custody. and then we'll have the details on all of the day's business at lights coming up right after this. earth the home we're saving googling to goes tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global warming do you know it's the in berlin series of global three thousand on d w and online. g w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming one
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billion of me show you. now with us now our innovations magazine for each of. us from every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com for science and research for. the diesel gave grades of porsche move up a gear reports today the police have a race that an executive over emissions when he lation finally manages to taking the heat over the scandal rather than those forced to carry out the cheating. france fries the united states over its trade tactics demanding europe be public at lee exempt from u.s. tariffs on steel imports. and picking up the slack way of beans leave off a deadly mite threatens beat populations around the world leaving us to. take care
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of nature's work. place to business sources have told the news agency reuters the german police are holding portions head of power train development on remand they say you can his arrest is related to inquiries into emissions but if you're in that he's considered a flight risk can't it was the man in charge of porsches engine division and the diesel gate scandal broke in twenty fifteen the arrest followed thursday's raid of several properties linked to three executives at the ford truck and subsidiary of correspondent daniel corpus more. we're hearing that the man a child was on the way to work when he received a call from a family member that is home was being raided by police authorities apparently then cannot turned around race told but his sudden change in destination made investigators think that he was attempting to flee there by prompting them to take him into custody but he's not the only one in the focus of prosecutors at the moment also it seems to be the case that the head off the development department
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mikhail stein a who's also a portion management board member so with even a higher position is facing tough questions from authorities at the moment the company has only say to two employees in an e-mail that they will try to clear up the facts of the case as soon as possible it's going to be really interesting to see what portia is going to do about the case and about this employee you we have to remember the case of the volkswagen miller charlie vi schmidt he was put on trial in front of a court in the united states and was then even sentenced to seven years in prison after he was sentenced works of art and also fired him so we have to see if what is going to happen now with cannot or make. if they will be able to continue their work at the carmaker or if porsha maybe will fire them as well. the french economy minister has lashed out at washington saying its trade war with china is vain and pointless. refuses to be drawn into the dispute in europe should be permanently
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exempt from steel tariffs germany's vice chancellor says he's optimistic the european union will be granted an exam ssion scholtz making the comments after a meeting with vice president mike pence the temporary exemption to tariffs on steel and other metals expires on may the first german chancellor angela merkel will travel to washington next week to post only make the case for an exemption we've been told his meeting yesterday was delayed leaving him to stroll along the fence in part of the white house for about an hour let's go over to our washington correspondent for the nominees in front of the international monetary fund which will get to in a moment the spring meeting with the i.m.f. and world bank under way right now constant good to see that tell me first of all if you think europe will be spared the worst of this trade war between the u.s. and china roll over like shoulder so we're going to have to wait a little longer to find out. i think we'll have to wait.
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today also was a bit less optimistic than yesterday when he talked to us and says i don't know. if those tariffs will have an effect on europe if there will be an extension of the temporary extension or a permanent exemption for the europeans but the important point was that this is a european issue that europe is united on the shoals as you mentioned the chancellor will be coming to washington next week and also the french president kroll and they will all talk to president trump. among other things for schultz also it was quite important. all parties should use a mechanism to make sure that trade conflicts do not escalate and thus echoing what the managing director of the i have for christine legarde had said yesterday tell
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me about the leaders of the top two economies are they listening to what christina had to say yesterday. well that might be listening i'm not so sure whether they will be following her advice right now it doesn't look like it so far both sides don't seem to be ready to actually back down so. we might have to wait some more time before we see anything resembling a resolution of the conflict of unarmed force in washington thank you very much. the two u.s. regulate it is a find the bank wells fargo one billion dollars for mortgage and violations it wants the toughest penalty against a bank during the trumpet ministration. admitted charging over one hundred a million clients for come insurance they didn't need and forcing customers to pay
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fees for mortgage delays which were actually the bank's fault. his mistake you wouldn't want to make when transferring money germany's biggest bank accidentally transferred twenty eight billion euros to the wrong account its huge numbers you can see there they figured it out a few minutes later. was done but the incident does throw the spotlight on the bank's risk and control processes and its creaking i.t. systems now any tourist loves taking a little momentum from a special trip but there are some who pay through the nose for the most tacky of tea sets the mugs on the mugs a right royal. when britain's prince harry marries meghan markle it's likely to be one of the most watched events of the decade combining royal decorum with hollywood glitter the wedding will make at least a small contribution to the british economy. tourists come to live the experience
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and many of them will want to take something home with them. preferably not made in china. these workers in central england are busy hand making and decorating thousands of commemorative mugs for the big event. we. enjoy and and kind of want to join in with the monkey state just that little emma bridgewater opened her company in one thousand nine hundred five and has produced commemorative articles from the beginning. her workers made moves for queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee and the wedding of harry's brother prince william to kate middleton. bridgewater hope spiers appreciate the craftsmanship. of. specialness that you can get it right.
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the effort might well be worth it. in the run up to the last royal wedding upwards of three hundred million euros were spent on memorabilia. obviously someone is buying it now spring has brought german guns alive but it's a lot less buzzing this season experts worldwide continue to sound the alarm about the cleaning honeybee populations bees are essential to food production they pollinate seventy percent of global crops and contribute an estimated two billion euros a year to german g.d.p. one institute even puts the global worth at two hundred billion but almost half full european be called unease of died out and scientists blaming a deadly might but farming monocultures and loss of habitat also play a role u.s.p. populations are shrinking by thirty percent a year they've become so rare in parts of china that thousands of hands of pollinating by hand. when the cherry blossoms are out it's time
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for. to start work on something that's normally taken care of by nature the farmer pollinates her trees by hand it should be these doing this work but here in the honey one region of southwest china there simply aren't enough of the beneficial insects to go around. does not mean our yields were simply too low the trees were flowering well but only produced a few fruit seed at the heart then we heard about hand pollination we checked it out and then started doing it ourselves. hand pollination is a painstaking task first farmers have to find flowers which have only just opened the pollen dust has to be fresh and clean and removed very carefully. and her husband. colony each tree three times. nowadays it's really hard work being a fruit grower. we have to spend
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a lot of time tending our trees that the. global be populations are on the decline and china is especially badly affected most regions no longer have any need a variety is the main problem is the widespread use of chemicals in the district capital cinci farmers come to junk stores to stock up on fertilizers herbicides and insecticides. you want to tell farmers not to spray during the flowering period because then the bees won't go on the blossoms. at all other times though the farmers happily spray away on average chinese farmers use twice as many pesticides as their european counterparts meanwhile the keeping has become a profitable business here. leases his bees to local farmers on a daily basis he charges five euros per hive per day. when a famous pole. why they only roughly distribute the pollen on the blossom like bees
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go right into the center of the flower and take the pollen exactly where it needs to go it sounds like easy cash but these need a lot of attention to the keeper has to know precisely what local farmers are up to at all times. thanks to their start spraying the apple trees so i will pack up my beads and take them to the forest otherwise they'll die you. know and her husband though i don't want to spend money on renting bees so instead for the next three weeks they'll be in their orchard pollinating their trees by hand. the i'm. the i'm.
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with the senses. recognize and experience the inexpressible. the cultural magazine. twenty. one t.w. . you accidentally shot some clips again playing the troublous. time in the film. out. with him because i always see. this week.
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hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery here on the continent as spring enters into full bloom it seems the french spirit for striking does as well the french national rail service is the focus of president and then you're back ron's proposed next reform he wants to cut their pay and reduce their benefits but their real unions.


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